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Welcome to the Falcon Institute of Health and Science!

Our mission is to provide quality and affordable education which includes a Practical Nurse Education Program, a Nurse Aide Training Program and a Learning Center for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

We have built a strong, highly educated, caring, professional team whose goal is to set each student up for success and to support them throughout their education. We take pride in our atmosphere which is specifically designed to build confidence and to help each student to be motivated to reach their highest potential. The quality of education and the attitude of our team is outstanding, we are the best.

Our facility is located in a nice, quiet, convenient location which is accessible by public transportation.



Nurse Aide Training Program (NA 013)

Our Nurse Aide Training Program has been approved by PA State Board of Education and the Bureau of Career and Technical Education. The Nurse Aide Training Program is a 120-hour intense training opportunity.